Sunday, October 28, 2012


Well this week we had the four baptisms, the picture should be attatched. The one in front of me, her name is letye. then next to letye is kristine jane, then maribel, and then ericson and elder llorin. It was a really good baptism cause right before the ward had an activity so everyone just went from the activity to the baptism! hopefully ericson will serve a mission in a year. the other picture is of the three kids we baptized all getting the aaronic priesthood. hopefully they will all serve missions! However, we have no investigators now, so back to square one. We will teach a lot of less actives this week cause elder llorin gets transfered next week on the 1st. So it will be interesting to get a new compamion to see how some one else works. Time is going pretty fast right now. The philippines is starting to become home (except for the dairy products, ovens, really good food, and sports, and air conditioning) and I am starting to better communicate with the people here and working hard. I played basketball this morning, I may have bruises for a while cause filipinos have no concept of a hack. everytime i would get the ball inside 15 feet. hack hack hack hack. I still scored and swatted a few kids. there were three other americans playing and they weren't bad either. It's starting to get colder here, I actually had to turn off my fan last night even though it was still like 70 degrees or something. I can't imagine how cold it is at home. Last night we were having scripture study with a family and they were in 3 Nephi 10. And the voice of christ says 4 times to the people 'and how oft will I gather my people like a hen gathers her chicks" I took this to mean that no matter how many times we fall and no matter how far we fall christ can always bring us back into his wing of love and mercy. He is all knowing, all powerful, and all loving. he wants the best for all of us. I know that no matter how far we think we have gone, no matter how bad or lonely or guilty we may feel, he can always heal us. He can always bring us back into the fold. I read somewhere that the only thing that keeps us from being forgiven and accepting the atonement and the enabling power (see elder bednar on good talk) and the amazing gift of exaltation is...surprise! Ourselves. He is there for us, he always will be. I know that, and I have seen it here in the philippines on this mission. well thats about it for today. A interview with president Carlos tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. Take Care! Love y'all!
Elder Robertson
elder robertson, letye kristine jane, maribel, ericson and elder llorin

elder robertson and llorin with 3 boys they just baptized

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