Thursday, June 20, 2013


Not much this week cause I have been in bed unable to move (literally) since friday with dengue fever. It rained all last week all day everyday and the philippines won't win any awards for their plumbing so with all the standing water around the mosquitos were out in full force. I get bit a lot so I guess it was from the mosquitos. Other than that I am transferred this week. Ready for a new area. We had our last zone conference with President Carlos. He talked about how the area presidency is concerned we are not using our time wisely so he stressed on how planners are so important to us as missionaries. He said that in the mission presidents conference in provo a lot of it was about how to use our time better. So he gave us some guidelines and tips on how to use our time better and how to make our planners more effective. Other than that I am just gonna try to get better before transfers on wednesday cause it would be a really miserable trip if I was still sick like this.
Love Elder Robertson

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