Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 78

March 9, 2014
Hey Fam!
This week was good. We taught a bunch of lessons, mostly to less actives. And really looked for some new investigators. We are in like the dog days of finding. We can teach people once but then they won't want to listen again so they hide or tell their kids that no one is home. Kinda funny haha but tiring when it just happens over and over and over again. We did have a less active come to church for like the first time in four years which was cool. That was unexpected but but cool. I hope she enjoyed being back. But otherwise just a working week really. Not much else to say. Working hard. Finishing strong. My camera is still broke. trying to find a place to get it fixed. Well thanks for all your support and everything! Love yall!
Elder Robertson

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