Sunday, December 23, 2012


so last week we went up to solano for a christmas devotional (again) and president carlos gave the closing remarks at this one. He started off by describing the massacre in connecticut and how terrible that was and the sadness and heartbreak of that at a time that should be happy. Then he talked about that the purpose of this time of year is to celebrate the fact that christ loves us so much he came to earth as a mortal. I was reminded of 1 Nephi 11 i think. where the angel asks nephi "knowest the condescension of god?" I never really gave much thought about that until i read the infinite atonement (I reccomend that to everyone) where it talks about that he did not need to come down, he was infinite and eternal. he was the god of worlds and was all powerful and he came down and suffered more than a finite mind can comprehend. The atonement is what makes christmas special, the condescension of god was complete and our salvation was guaranteed. So when we sing joy to the world the next few weeks and reenact the nativity story, just think that he loves us so much that he came to svae us from physical death through the resurrection and spiritual death through the atonement. We just need to endure to the end and try our hardest to become like him through the gospel. we can do it! That is the good news of christmas is that there is always hope as long as he is on our side. I testify of that everyday here in the philippines.
So transfers were this week and I left Cattagaman, I am down here in Nueva Vizcaya in bambang zone in aritao area, it is the farthest south area in our mission. My new companion is Elder Coleman. He goes home in march and is from Utah so my first american comp of my mish. I think we should get along great. We live with two other missionaries as well, and one is american so it should be way fun for a while. The branch president here is way rich and really loves good missionaries so we are lucky to be opening an area is a good branch, apparently the one of the best branches in the mission or says president carlos. So I am lucky because we will have a good christmas and new years haha. I don't have pictures yet because we have been getting moved in and what not but hopefully i will remember this week to show next week.
Mahal Ko Kayo!
Elder Robertson

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