Friday, January 4, 2013


                                         excerpt from the conversation we had with elder Robertson



Mom: - how did your first full week go in the new area?


Elder R:  good we had like 26 lessons which was pretty good for opening an area


did you tract into people? Do you have follow up lessons? Do you walk everywhere?


Elder R:  yeah mostly, and then less actives and recent converts

how is this area different than your last?


Elder R:   This area has a lot of mountains and is a branch not a ward

how was the Christmas celebration?


Elder R:  it was ok, we just drove all day and that was no fun cause they tried to fit 14 people in one van

did you get our package? what did the carlos feed you?


Elder R:   just rice and chicken and vegetables

how was the branch sunday?


Elder R:  just a normal sunday. the church is way different here


ElderR:  it's still new and they have weird "rules" cause they misunderstand the red handbook cause they can't read english very well

that's funny! Do you guys help teach the leadership or just kind of along for the ride? Do all 4 of you go to the same ward?


Elder R:  branch, yeah we do. we can't really do anything cause they will just be offended and then go inactive

How's Your companion and roomies?


Elder R:  good, we work hard and have fun. it's how a mission should be haha


 SO do you still eat at bakeries? what do you eat?


ElderR:  yeah, panedesal its way good! its like little rolls. you should see if they have a recipe and try it! so good!


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