Sunday, July 14, 2013


So this week was really good and I really enjoyed it. Tuesday we met President Rahlf, he is awesome! Super nice, super laid back but I feel like he will plug a lot of enthusiasm into the work. He is a photographer so he might have a blog sometime soon. I am excited to work under him. We had a short interview with him and he likes the lakers! haha that was funny cause he is from ohio. He gave a us a message that talked about (from president Monson in the MTC) how it is a great time to be alive and a member of the church and especially a missionary. He talked about how prophets throughout time saw our time and saw the gospel fill the world. Enoch, Daniel, John, Nephi, Moroni all come to mind. He said that we are living in the greatest time in the history of the world cause the gospel is everywhere and especially now the Lord is hastening his work. It was a good message and he encouraged us to continue working hard and watch miracles happen if we try our best and are obedient.
Work wise was really good this week too. We have a baptism coming up on July 20, his name is roberto and he is 18 and is just solid, his cousin is a member and we are working with his sister. We have some good lessons with him and it helps cause the gospel principles teacher at church is a really good teacher and I enjoy his lessons. We have another really interested investigator. Her name is Gina Bacay and her husband is a member but a less active so we are working with him too. They are on and off at church but she has a lot of qustions and seems to be interested especially in the eternal family concept. She hasn't commited to baptism but we are working with her. So on friday we had an interesting experience. We got denied by an investigator saying they aren't to interested so we were alright whatever we have an hour to do nothing so we might as well go tracting. The very first house we try, literally next door is an awesome investigator. She is super interested and always has a question. I think she will be baptized. Her husband is a less active to we found out so even better. She just needs to stop doing the sign of the cross after every prayer haha. Those are the people we are focusing on right now. The work is going good here in Ward 2. We have a dinner appointment every night and I had macdo 6 times last week and have started working out so hopefully I put on some weight haha. I love this area. I love the success we are having. I get along with my comp no problem. Probably my favorite filipino comp. Having fun and working hard. I am really enjoying the mission right now. More so than anytime before!
 Well that's about all for this week!
Mahal Ko Kayo!
an activity on pday
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