Monday, December 16, 2013



Hey Grandpa!!
Guess What! After a year and a half and almost giving up hope I finally met someone that I think you know from your mission! Her name is Judith Mariano Obungen but I think the last name is her married name. She said that you helped her with her mission papers in Hong Kong and that she served her mission in San Pablo. She says hi and and wants to know how you are doing. I was sitting outside of church yesterday greeting people and she comes up to me and says " don't happen to know the robertsons who served in Hong Kong?" I freaked out! I thought is was hilarious and crazy cool at the same time. She just married our branch president last year and now they have a little baby. It was the coolest thing ever. She thinks the world of you and grandma and that helps me haha cause now she loves me. I thought you would like to know that. She says hi and hopes you are doing well!
That was a cool thing that happened this week! We also had a baptism and it was a great one. It was short but good. Her name is Jenny and she is 16. She is the only member now in her family but there are a whole bunch of members that live close to her so that helps with fellow shipping. We also got a couple referrals from the members. And the investigators came to church, thats how we got to know them! So now we know they have desire so we can work with them solidly. The members here are pretty good. They have great desire to help. Just no amazing template in this country to go from so we are helping them. I would love to say more but here are pics from the week. Next week is xmas so I will skype yall and you can ask questions then haha. Thats about it then. Have a great week everyone!
Love, Elder Robertson

 "This is Judith. Look familiar?"

"the Baptism.The old dude in the hat is a stud. He works with us all the time" 

"Reminded me of the trek"

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