Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 68


Hey Fam!
It was nice talking to you guys over skype! That will be the last time before I come home! Other than that Christmas was kinda boring. Shout out to Gran and Grandpa and Stuart and fam and Laurie and fam and Bonnie and fam for the packages!! Me and my comp basically just snacked on some good ol american junk food all week haha. Then we went to a few parties and that was it for my christmas. Looking forward to next year. It didn't feel like christmas at all cause it was hot. coulda been hotter but it was cloudy which was nice. I guess we are in full on winter here. 

Work wise, we started teaching a family! This is the first legit investigator family on my mission. All the others have been part members. Their last name is Franada and more to come on them as they progress. The branch is willing to work with us and we have a lunch appointment every day! then whoever feeds us will go out and work with us for a couple hours so excited for that. 
Oh yeah, last week we had lechon baboy for pday! That is roasted pork haha. We killed the pig and then roasted it on a stick over a fire. It took all day and we had to wake up at 4 am to get everything going and get the pig killed and ready to go and then we had to build the fire in the rain and make apple pies (expensive here) then ate about 4 pm. A lot of work but it was the best pig ever! kalua pig may top it though...the meat was so moist and tasty and the skin was crunchy like a potato chip and so good cause we sprayed it with sprite every half hour. Well thats all the time I have so have a good new years everyone! 2013 is over! (can't believe that, waayy fast)
Elder Robertson

Christmas Packages

 The finished product on a stick

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