Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 71

Hello family!
yes mom, I did not write last week because I had to go make a chocolate cake. it took a while so we had to finish emailing early. but it was a delicious cake and we took it to a FHE in the zone leaders area. They really liked it. Well still here in Mallig with Elder Pawin. It should be a good cycle. I really like him and we get along well. Hopefully we can baptize that family we have been working with. we haven't been able to teach them this week. they are always gone. just hope they aren't hiding from us cause that would be depressing. Anyways. I want to cook more this cycle so when I get home we can have a filipino day where we wash clothes by hand and go without toilet paper when we wipe and bucket showers hahahaha I am gonna teach ya'll how to be a real filipino haha. work this week was slim pickins. everyone is in their rice fields still so we walked around some more and tried to find people. not much goin there but oh well, just got to keep going. Hey! I turn 21 this week! thats a weird thing to think about. Maybe I will buy a lottery ticket when I get home......haha jk i still can't rent a car though until I am 25. Whats the point of being 21 if you can't rent a car? Well thats about it for this week. I want the seahawks to win the super bowl. I hope they can pull it out this year. peyton might be too good though. Thanks for all the support! Love yall!
Elder Robertson

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