Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 69

Hello Family! 
2014 at last! It should be a pretty good year.  Its getting hot again. This week was tough work wise. First, new years literally everyone was drunk so not much was done. Then the rest of the week people were planting rice. The way they do it here is they get all their friends to help them so like everyone is in their fields planting from sunrise to about 5. then they all go to bed at about 8 so we have like a three hour time window of good solid work. Other than that we just walk around and try to find people at home. Or go visit members if they are home. It will be like this until february i guess from what people tell me. I would like to help them plant rice but it is against the mission rules to because elders would get sick and nasty infections back in the day. But We'll work with what we are given. New years was crazy, it sounded like war. Fireworks here are like sticks of dynamite cut into different sizes then either wrapped in wrapping paper and lit or launched into the air. bombs. It was loud. Other than that just life in the philippines. My birthday is this month, weird I will be 21. Thats about it for this week. Have a great week everyone! 
Love, Elder Robertson

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