Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 81

March 30, 2014
Hey fam!
It was insanely hot here this week. I thought I was used to the heat 

here then this week happened. Not used to it. Basically this week 
we spent more finding. We have almost tracted the whole area 
which is impressive cause it is a big area (walking wise) Everyone 
is still busy in their fields and don't really care to listen right now. 
We had a few lessons where I could tell the people could care less 
about the message. they just want more money. I even had one 
guy think that I am a treasure hunter and he tried to sell me some 
World War 2 forks haha he said he dug them up in the mountains. 
It was funny. Well I'm working hard finishing strong. Its a little 
hard to believe I only have 7 weeks left. Its like running a race 
but I can't see the finish line cause there is still a big hill to 
climb haha. 
Love yall!
Elder Robertson

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