Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 82

Hey Fam!
So we went to some waterfalls today. Waterfalls meaning a trickle of
water falling down rocks haha. It actually wasn't that bad. I would
take pictures but my camera broke haha. We had to take a tricy to the
mountains then hike up them for an hour or so. Made me want to swim

so bad. Only 6 weeks! Is the weather looking up there? Or is it still cold. I also went to a career workshop on Thursday for those of us who are going home in April and May. It was good, they just talked for six hours on how we can use skills from the mission in getting a job and what not. I learned a few things. But it was mostly for the Filipinos and getting them a good job.
We worked this week but not much happened. It was the Mallig fiesta. So a lot of people were involved in that and of course more farming. just tough. Just finishing strong. Have a good week everyone!! 
Do you guys want any souveniers from here? tell me if you want anything and I will hook you up.
Love yall!
Elder Robertson

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