Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week 87

May 11, 2014
Hey fam!
So here it is. the last week. The last two years has been quite the
experience. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of lessons learned. All rolled
into one little black badge with the name Jesus on the front. It has
been such a privilege and a blessing to be serving and sharing the
gospel with the people here in the Philippines. Beforehand when yall
ask how was my mission this is how it was "It was the best two years
but took place on the other side of heaven but hotter and no ocean."
It really was like that. At different times in my mission I felt like
all 4 of the elders in "The Best Two Years". But its been good.
Definitely been the hardest two years of my life so far. It pushed me
to my limits mentally and spiritually for sure. The walking wasn't too
bad just the fact that it is so hot makes it hard. It really showed me
what kind of person I am and I noticed things that I need to change. I
feel like I have definitely grown and become a better person than I
was when I left. I finished the Book of Mormon for the last time of my
mission. By my count the BoM has 3901 references to Jesus Christ,
Lord, God, and any other title of His, that's like 7 times per page He
is mentioned. He is directly quoted in 723 verses and there is a
direct reference to the atonement in 103 verses. There is no way
Joseph Smith could have pulled this book out of a hat. It is just as
true as it is today as it was back then. I am grateful for the
opportunity I have had to really study the scriptures. I really took
them for granted before and I really want to keep the habit of
personal study every day when I get home. That and personal prayer. I
did that at home but not so much with the real intent part. I really
learned to pray with real intent out here. Cause I couldn't get by on
anything less haha. I could go on and on about lessons I learned from
my mission but I will save it for my homecoming talk. Anywho, I will
see yall next thursday at 2:30!!! Have a great week and a half
Love, Elder Robertson

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