Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 2 in the MTC

Kumusta Pamilya!!
How is everyone? The more letters the better! it is really nice to be able to read letters everynight so keep them coming :) How are the heat up 2-1?? where is durant? or is westbrook trying to do everything? Macy How was camp? davis how was the rest of your vacation? When is girls camp? Well everything here at the MTC is really up and down now, tagalog is not coming along like I would like it. i can't understand anything anyone says and it is so frustrating when talking because i know what i want to say I just can't because of my limited vocabulary. i had a lesson in humility though yesterday. i randomly turned to ether 12:27 where it talks about weaknesses and strengths and i realized that I am trying to learn this on my own and it hit me that I need the lords help so in the temple today i was praying the whole time for some humility. But yet with all the frustrations there have been some what I like to call "spiritual bombs" where i have just felt the spirit so much its overwhelming. two examples was when watching the joseph smith movie and listening to elder hollands conference talk about the saviors walk alone. the atonement is so amazing to me that christ was able to suffer all that pain for us so that we can be eternally happy. The name on my nametag says jesus christ that is the second thing people notice and the first is my name so they tie the two together and they think that I am representing jesus christ himself. I am so honored to be doing that for two years and cannot wait to go to the philippines and teach people about christ. I am getting along with my comp fine. I'll have to send my camera card home because they dont let us email pics home or get prints because byu printing went out of business. This week and next week is when all the new mission presidents come in so this place is gonna be hoppin with general authorities so hopefully i'll get to hear a few apostles haha. Last tuesdays devo was by Per G. Malm of the seventy and he spoke about what our purpose out here is and how we can be the best teacher we can be and it was a really good talk. sundays fireside was by sheri dew the CEO of deseret book and she talked about that life is not about what is in front of us but what is about the hereafter. also a good talk. Oh president brown said to thank our fathers for all that they have done for us so dad thank you for preparing me for this mission and teaching me how to work cause some kids here definetly do not know what work is. Thanks for the BYU shirt its a really nice one and i go through laundry pretty fast so thanks. Dad if you tell the priest anything about what their mission will be like, tell them that it will be the most mentally exhausting days they will ever have, they will be frustrated and angry if they are learning a language. but it is also the best spritual experience they could ever have and i am not even in the field yet. Have a good week everyone and i expect some more letters haha.
Mahal Ko Kayo,
Elder Robertson

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