Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week 3 in the MTC

Kumusta Pamilya!                                                                                                                                 We watched a talk by elder bednar that was about the character of christ. How he was always focused outward about others and never inward about himself even in his times of greatest pain and sorrow. He said that as missionaries we also need to focus about others and not ourselves. He said that if we are on our missions for a reason other than bringing souls unto christ we won't have success. but if we focus solely on others, our own conversion and testimony will grow just because of the effective tool that the savior has molded us to become. He also challenged us to buy one of those cheap copies of the book of mormon and think of a question that we have. then write the question in the front of the book then read it all the way through highlighting and marking verses or phrase that can help answer our question then when we are done to write a paragraph about what we have learned. I decided to take him up on that and asked the question how can i be the best missionary I can be. so it wil be interesting to see what my answers will be in my summary. Tagalog is coming along, it is still hard to comprehend what everyone is saying and what not and it is still hard to teach with the spirit but i was able to answer a question yesterday without hesitation or looking at the book so that was cool. I can pray in tagalog mostly and can bear my testimony. the lessons are simple still but now its just speaking and listening to the language more and more often so I can get it down. This week was mission presidents week, i guess on sunday the whole first presidency and quorum of the twelve, except Packer and Hales, were there speaking to them. everything in the main building is closed off and we only have one food line instead of four so that has been a nightmare. hopefully we will get an apostle tonight for devotional. it is pretty amazing how easy it is to feel the spirit here. last night we had a lesson on sincere prayers and the spirit was so strong especially when we roleplayed challenging investigators to pray. the church is so logical and easy to understand sometimes and the only thing that keeps investigators from being baptized and people going inactive is sincere prayer. The more sincere we are the more converted we become. when we teach we back people into the wall of faith, they can either pray and ask to know the truth of it or not it is entirely up to them, I just show them the way. elder Nery was baptized a year ago and he told us his conversion story. that guy knows without a doubt that it is true. the way he said his life has changed has been like night and day. I know my conversion and faith has really grown in just two weeks so it will be interesting to see how it is in two years. keep the letters and packages coming, I really appreciate them. it's nice to have letters and packages to look forward to at the end of the day.
Mahal Ko Kayo, Elder Robertson
This is Elder Robertson and his district

Elder Robertson and his zone

Elder Robertson and his companion Elder Phippen

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