Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hello Family!

Welcome to November! My how time flies.. This week was interesting. We had a typhoon come through here. It was rainy with rain. I have golfed in stronger winds and it rained pretty hard but not exactly what I thought a typhoon was. It was only a number 2 though. I guess a number 4 or 5 would be crazy. Other than that we spent a lot of time finding. We went to a birthday party for a members kid and talked to this one lady and her sister. They said that the missionaries have visited them before but were wondering why they stopped coming. So we set up an appointment for the next day and were all excited to teach them and everything but they live in the sisters area. We actually taught them once then gave the referral to the sisters. I was so excited to cause they were really interested and had a lot of questions. We are trying to help part member families get the courage to ask the nonmembers if we can share with the family members but so far no success. However, we do get Elder Nielsen the Area President in our zone conference this thursday so that is exciting. He will come up on wednesday and the members will have a devotional with him that we get to go to and then a zone conference on Thursday. I am excited for that look forward to learning from him.

This week I watched a thing by Elder Bednar called Act in Doctrine. It is a DVD where he answers questions based on his book by the same title. It was amazing! He talked about the Character of Christ. It was very instructive because the Character of Christ turns outward from the natural man to bless and serve others. The Character of Christ does not think about self but solely on others. He mentioned a few attributes of the character of Christ including observing, listening and patience. He used examples from the life of christ where he would observe and listen rather than speak right away. He used the example of when Peter cut the guards ear off in the Garden of Gethsemane and even then Christ healed the man and Elder Bednar admitted that he would have been thinking about himself than blessing others because Christ had just come out of the suffering and was just betrayed by one of the chosen twelve and was going off to a gruesome death. He never said "Why me?" or "Why can't you give me a break?" He was focused on blessing others until the end. Then Elder Bednar gave a challenge to pray with faith to see where we are on the Character of Christ to see us as we really are and then when we do see ourselves on the scale to work on our weakness. The longer I am out here in the field the more I find I need to work on stuff. Also the Character of Christ does not focus on "I" so one more thing to work on. Bless and lift others. I hope he gives a conference talk on the Character of Christ cause it is such a good topic. Anyways that is what I learned this week. I am gonna try to listen and observe more during lessons and not focus so much on the content but the person that I am trying to help. Thanks for all your support!

Mahal Ko Kayo!

Elder Robertson



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