Sunday, July 22, 2012

Doing Great In The MTC

we just got back from cleaning the temple for three and a half hours, we wore like all white scrubs and I got to wear my kobes in the temple. Our job was to clean the windows on the outside, so we got to go onto the roof and clean all those windows. It was cool to be on a temple roof in all white. Then we got to see how they clean all the chandeliers in the temple. They lower them down with a motor and then clean each crystal by hand, apparently there are like 10,000 crystals in that temple and only sisters clean them so thats a lot of man hours they put in. It was a good experience this morning. so this week had its ups and downs, last week for devotional was Robert L. Steur an emeritus 70. he talked about being good missionaries and knew latin so he broke down like every major gospel word into it's latin root and explained it to us. sometimes he was a bit dry but it was still pretty good. For fireside on sunday we had jenny oaks baker who is a world class violinist, she talked a little bit and played a whole bunch of songs. It'd be interesting to see elder oaks in his parenting duties, he looks strict. she has a mormon message on the website thats pretty good, her kids played that song for us. I taught district meeting on sunday and my lesson was on the book of mormon, so I had everyone get out their scriptures and I gave them 15 seconds to look up a scripture to answer a question that an investigator would ask. They weren't very good. So I gave them some practice on using scriptures in their teaching instead of the gospel according to elder or sister so and so. My branch president and second counselor sat in on it and afterwards them and their wives said that that was the best lesson they have heard in a district meeting and they were both mission presidents! apparently not many people have lessons like our priests quorum at home cause I thought it was nothin to it. Also we get new missionaries in our zone tomorrow, it'll be interesting to see how new I was six weeks ago and to see how much someone can grow in just six weeks.  it's weird here because when we have gym at 1:30 the weather can just be like a normal summer day and then at 3:30 when I look out our window, it can be way dark and all stormy, it's weird. we also have gym at 8:10 on thursdays and saturdays and there have been a couple storms that have forced us inside, and with the gym closed all we can do is go back to the residence for an hour. lame. Other than that things are going well, getting along with my companions and learning some patience and humility. we had a good lesson on teaching with the spirit last night and had no time to prepare so i just let it take over and taught really well.
Mahal Kita,
Elder Robertson

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