Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week 7 inThe MTC

On sunday night I got to watch a talk by elder bednar called recognizing the spirit and he answered the question "how can I recognize the spirit?" in the best way possible i think. he said, "Quit worrying about it, be a good boy or a good girl, keep your covenants, follow the commandments and press forward working hard with faith. then the spirit will be able to talk to you." he then went on to explain that the spirit talks to us and we may not even notice it at all, we will do something and not know why but always with hindsight we will notice that it was the spririt talking to us. such a good talk and I wish you could all hear the whole thing, he told some really cool stories and he is so funny outside of conference. After i thought back to when dad and i were looking for pams car. dad you had no clue where to go and she gave a very vague description on where she could of left it, but what i know was the spirit, we were guided right to it and that guy just happened to be there when we needed him, that ain't no coincidence. Also when i teach, I literally just open my mouth and i have noticed that my tagalog is best when in a lesson, i don't really get strong feelings on what to say or anything, i just listen to the investigator and open my mouth and it is filled like it says in D&C 100 (i think). Also this morning I found a cool analogy between repentance and christs atoning weekend. So sometimes we have to step in gethsemane and feel the pain for doing wrong and we will be pressed down and feel lower than anyone. We might be mocked or ridiculed for what we have done like christ was, we will have to carry our cross to the hill like christ did and then sometimes when we confess, our sins are hoisted up for everyone notice and then we feel even more pain for what we have done. And after we have sunk to the lowest pits and felt the worst pain and guilt, then the natural man to commit those sins dies just like christ died. Then our heart changes and we bury the natural man in us. Then sunday comes and we are renewed. We partake of the sacrament and we fully feel the atonement work, then will the bands of sin be broken and although they may be as scarlet (like all the blood christ shed) they will be as white as snow (christ wore pure white when he was ressurected) Sunday always comes. Although repentance should always be happening we should continue to press forward with faith and try to be better cause then the atonement can work within us. I have found that my analogy part of my brain has been working full time and I have come up with tons of analagies while here, some simple so I can teach investigators. others more complicated for full members and for district lessons and such. Anyways, I get my travel plans on friday!
Mahal ko kayo,

Elder Robertson

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  1. Sounds like he's doing great, keep the blog entries coming!