Sunday, September 2, 2012

week 3

who knows how long before i get your letter and package, we get mail once a week at district meeting and i have no idea how long mail takes to get here, just remember to use us postal service cause fedex and ups are way expensive apparently. so this week was frustrating again, we got a list of fifteen names from the ward of inactives and we started visiting them, they are a pain...they are either never home or are to stubborn to take any interest in the church and we walk like half an hour to get to them and it is not fun when they are not home or reject us. investigators never read the book of mormon or pray and always make excuses...ridiculous. I am trying to find ways to have fun but it is just to hot and to tiring haha. anyways we still have three baptismal dates, i know there for sure should be two cause one kid will spend a 100 pesos to come to church if he misses his ride and the other older man keeps improving every week, now we just need to break his wife. working hard mostly. so here in the philippines i am pretty sure there are no health laws, there is this acid stuff that is pure HCL and you use it to clean dishes, i think my stomach hates me. the laundry takes forever and I am really thankful for laundry machines, but the bleach here is more powerful than the stuff at home but it also burns my skin so pros and cons. there is so much pollution about 5 minutes from my house that everytime I go there i can feel the years being taken away from my life. the best part about here is all their music and the movies they watch (all american stuff) is pirated from the internet, they have the dark knight rises here on dvd already for only 40 pesos (1 dollar) and about any other movie you can think of, it's hilarious. for foods this week i tried cooked blood which was really salty and stuff and that's about all the weird stuff. i saw a huge spider a few days ago that i have a picture of. well the work keeps going, i keep reading in the bofm on how alma and his brethren were dilligent in teaching the word and patient in all afflictions so i'm taking a leaf out of their book and just trying my hardest, one day it will come.
Mahal ko kayo,
elder robertson
this is the really big spider conner saw

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