Sunday, September 30, 2012


 So the mission is realy something else. On wednesday we went to cauayan which is a three hour bus ride and when we got on they were playing the movie undisputed 4.....the most evil movie satan could throw at 6 missionaries haha luckily i had my sword of truth (the book of mormon) and my shield of faith (the name badge) with me haha.Which also made me realize that the spirit was not present on that ride due to my more sensitivity to it these days. the world is evil and only becoming more so. We must put on the armor of god, this isnt some wimpy medieval armor. this is like iron man armor. If everyone would just say their prayers twice a day and read the book of mormon for ten minutes then spiritually we are like iron bullet (of satan) can penetrate our armor. when he tries to attack us we say "HA! nice try!" and just keep going like iron man does in the avengers. and like he keeps upgrading his armor, we keep upgrading our testimony when we do the simple things like go to church and repent and read and pray. Everyone wants to be like Iron Man but we can! spiritually. Christ is our engineer, he has given us all we need to build our armor and it is our choice whether to act. The fact is that christ wants us in the celestial kingdom and as long as we try our hardest he will say "it is enough" and let us in. From what I've seen here people think that "the gospel is too hard, i can't do everything and people gossip about me" no, it's not. if we are truly christlike we won't care what other people say, we know we are imperfect but we are trying. This mission has really opened my eyes to the core of the gospel, the atonement. The atonement can be studied so much for so long and i'll never fully understand it, but can be summed in up in one sentence; it can make us like christ. lets appreciate the atonement a little more by doing the little things. Well thats what I have to say because nothing much else happened this week. worked hard, taught some lessons, chased by some dogs, had an investigator chew us out cause we told him he couldnt get baptized until he got married. got invited to a funeral for this next sunday.......weird. overall its a fun place the philippines. Glad to hear it is cooling down there cause it is still insanely hot here! but typhoon season is on! time is flying and I cannot believe that next week is october! have a good week everybody! Love you all!
Mahal Kita!
Elder Robertson

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