Sunday, September 16, 2012

week 5

So this week was a pretty good one. I got to go on splits with elder nay and let me tell you, it was so refreshing to be with an american for a day. I could actually understand a lot of his tagalog and it gave me hope that i might be there at his point some day. from what I could understand he is a very good teacher and I enjoyed working with him. he pushes me a little harder than elder llorin cause he has been in my shoes and knows what it is like so I really enjoyed that struggle but he says i know more than he did when he was one month in. So we taught three lessons on friday and we didnt get to bed till like 11:30 cause we were partying but i had to sleep in the other elders bed and i took off his sheets and slept on my towel haha cause the beds were like twenty years old. and then we had to travel three hours to the farthest area in our zone for a baptismal interview and then another three hours back cause me and elder llorin had a baptismal interview. Then llorin and I had 4 appointments in two hours so saturday was a little tiring. Then on sunday I had to teach a lesson by myself and a priest who didnt know english cause we have to teach after church cause some people live to far away so that was a nightmare cause i cant speak this language yet but luckily she was only 9 haha. So I think that the lord is rewarding us for our hard work cause on saturday we were walking and some random guy offered us a ride and he seemed really interested to listen to us so we are going to go back to him and then yesterday we were walking and this old guy called out to us and said "elders come teach me!" so we did and gave the baptismal challenge and he said yes so yeah it might be our reward for hardwork and obedience. We have been teaching a lot of investigators recently and it is hard to fit in less actives haha which is good and hard cause we want everyone to come unto christ. But we had one girl we broke through to this week. Her name is delma and before she wasnt to enthused because of her baptist boyfriend but some random lesson about joseph smith and she finally said she prayed and said she really wants to know that our church is true and she came to church yesterday and same with her inactive family so hopefully she'll be baptized. And i realized here that noone of the women shave their legs haha. I am finally getting used to showering twice a day with a bucket and cold water with the spiders crawling around me haha i guess i'm just so tired to not even care. and elder phippen might have dengue fever, he has been sick since like wednesday so that could be bad so I am a little ocd with the bug repellent right now haha. I cant believe this month is already gone! it was a hard first month here but also a learning month an time is only going to go faster! I'm thankful to be out here in the philippines and become a real man. working hard and getting used to the culture. it gets a little easier everyday! Take care say hi to everyone. Until next week!
Mahal ko kayo!
Elder Robertson 

Excerpt from the email chat with elder Robertson

Did you guys have a good week teaching?

elder R:Yeah we had like 30 lessons, with splits and we had to travel down to a different area like 4 times cause one of the elders is sick and kept wanting us to buy groceries for him. We have two new investigators though and another 4 on date for baptism.

  That sounds like a good week.   You guys should be having a baptism next week or the week after? Any succes with the less actives in church today?

elder R:we have one this week and the next week and we had 8 investigators at church and 4 less actives so yes it was a good day at church yesterday. we have another 4 investigators on date and two hopefully three new ones so yes working hard.

Lots of good things happening, 8 at church is a pretty good number. Sounds like all the hard work is making good things happen.
Elder Robertson and Elder Llorin with their shirts we sent them

p-day with his district

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