Sunday, September 30, 2012


How is everyone!! It was a good week here in Cataggaman area! We had a baptism!! his name is roel and he is 19, hopefully he will serve a mission next year! We had a couple investigators at the baptism. So that was good! Hopefully we have two or three the first few weeks of october! So New stuff this week investigator wise. We met this family named bucayo, they are super nice and have a lot of questions about the church and they have two kids. they are an interesting story because the dad is really interested and wants to be baptized but he wants his whole family to join, the mom is gone up north all month to teach so we are trying to refer her to the other mission but she asks a lot of questions and says she feels the spirit when we come over. the daughter is 14 and is listening to jehovahs witnesses.......the son is 8 and does whatever the dad does so it should be interesting to see if the read the book of Mormon and pray for an answer hopefully they do and they all will be baptized cause once they commit to something that family does it. Our other two investigators that will probably get baptized are Erickson, he is 19 and his sister and girlfriend are members and he reads and prays and knows it is true so we are just teaching him and waiting for October 13 and hopefully he keeps coming to church and doesn't go off the deep end. the other is TonTon. He is 15 and all his family and cousins are members and he is in the same boat as Erickson so hopefully we have two on the 13th. Members are the best way to have investigators because they already have a good influence and they have friends or family to take them to church and it is so much easier for us to teach them the gospel. If members really knew how helpful they are missionary work would move forward so much more! Pray for missionary experiences and pray to have courage to speak up. it doesn't have to be like what us full times do but a situation will present itself and if you open your mouth you will be guided by the spirit even though you may not know it. More baptisms and bringing people into the fold!So here in the philippines they have ward activities called one day missions, this where members go out with the missionaries and go visit less actives and investigators for a few hours. The sisters in our district had one and we went and it only works because like 6 people show up and they just follow us around while we teach. But we had six lessons and two referrals for the sisters so it was a good stats day cause we counted those in our weekly report. And yeah, the power just went out here for thirty minutes. it is really funny cause it does that randomly all the time here. No Place like the Philippines!!
Mahal Ko Kayo,
Elder Robertson

Elder Robertson in a tryke

Elder Llorin, Roel and Elder Robertson

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