Friday, January 4, 2013


So tonight is new years here and it should be interesting. Their fireworks are mostly just giant firecrackers with gunpowder in them. and sounds like a gunshot or louder going off and apparently it sounds like a war zone after 6. So president carlos put a curfew tonight for 6 o clock and we can't leave after that so we will prolly go out into our front "yard" and watch the fireworks in the field across the street. We will prolly also watch 17 miracles. So yeah should be a fun New Years.                          We have had a good week although it was hard to teach this week because people flip for new years here. We had a really awesome lesson with a less active yesterday, we got her to go to church and apparently in sunday school they learned about the temple and the branch is having a temple trip in march and she really wants to go. So we were going through her covenant she made at baptism and the sacrament prayer and the importance of church attendance and how she can be clean every week if she repents. And out came her cigarrete problem, she smokes 3 packs a day but she wants to quit so she can go to the temple in march. so I told her she has to quit by january 15 if she has any hope of passing her interview and so she said she will quit by the 15th of january. We will prolly offer a priesthood blessing and then go over the rest of the temple interview with her, should be interesting because I don't know the requirements of the temple interview very well. especially word of wisdom. We have a few new investigators and hopefully they will turn into baptisms although one is hard headed but we feel like her grandma is key because she is a recent convert of two months and has so much enthusiasm for the gospel and it is rubbing off on the granddaughter so hopefully we can baptize her.

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