Sunday, January 13, 2013


It was a good week here in aritao. Elder Coleman and I found this new investigator family through a referral from a less active this week and they are like the richest people here in the province of Nueva Vizcaya, the dad is head of 4 hospitals and they have a driveway! i will take a picture of it this week because it is the craziest thing to see that here. We were kind of nervous to contact them but they are super humble and open to the message so maybe....We are hoping for that to come out of them cause they would be way solid. We also are making progress with the less actives we are teaching, it is way weird to see that if you have a companion that you can work with no problem it is way easier to have the spirit and be guided by it. We have had a few referrals from members and hopefully will have some baptisms soon to show for our efforts because we are working way hard to get this new area going good cause president carlos is opening 7 new areas in march cause there will be 7 missionaries going home and 21 coming in so the mission will just keep growing for a while, which is good. But 2013 is underway and it should be a good year!
So with the new year I am starting the book of mormon over again and this time i am highlighting every question that is asked in it. there are a lot of times when I am reading and a question that someone asks i hardly notice in the context of the story. example one that really did not stand out to me was when nephi asks laman and lemuel "have ye inquired of the lord?" when i am reading the story I am always like dumb laman and lemuel but don't think much of the question, but then I will reread just the question and I am hit with like a wall of revelation and the book of mormon becomes so much more personal to me. There are some really awesome questions and stories that I am noticing and trying to apply to my life now. I read somewhere in an ensign this week that every verse of the book of mormon is applicable to our lives, so I am trying to do that too. every verse after i read it I say to myself "how is that applicable to my life?" and let me say that the BoM has become that much more meaningful to me in just a week and I am not even done with first nephi yet. The book of mormon will help us with any problems that we are having and it is such a good way to keep ourselves spiritually pure. thats about it for this week Have a good week everyone!
Elder Robertson

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