Sunday, February 10, 2013


We also went to Zone Conference this week in Santiago which is three hours from my area so we had our whole zone which is 14 of us fit into a 8 person bus so yeah it was an uncomfortable six hours but the zone conference was good. president talked about being obedient and how conversion won't happen unless investigators and less actives have a testimony of the restoration and the Book of Mormon. which is oh so very true. Then sister Carlos talked about how we need to love the people. If we love the people then we will WANT to be obedient and what not and so I have been praying hard this week to better love these people cause it is not very easy to just love them, but I am trying.
So an interesting experience this week and this is all I can really think of. On saturday we were having a tough day, Our investigators all flaked out and three of the five less actives either were not there or were drunk so we just walked around and tried to talk to people but no one was having it we really struggled and got back to the apartment at like 8 to do nightly planning. And ever since i have been with elder coleman we have sung a hymn before nightly planning and on saturday we sung I need thee every hour. And during the 4th verse I felt the love of the savior so much and felt really close to him. It seems that when the mission is hardest and I turn to him then I feel his love the most. It really is a great experience and he does give me the hard days to keep me humble and what not. I realize I cannot get through this unless I rely on him completely and it has been hard but I am really learning on submitting to his will 100% and I am getting better at it. This is a great work we are involved in. I realize that wherever we are on missions we will have a hard time, its mission life. But if we are obedient and really know why we are out here we will learn and grow and be able to help others. I don't know what else to say today other than time is flying by it's February already! Well have a good week everybody!
christmas skits at a mission christmas party
Elder Robertson

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