Sunday, February 3, 2013


yesterday we had a less active that we have been teaching and who loves us, she had a little birthday party for me which was awesome and i was really grateful for. she made awesome chicken, this rice soup with quail eggs and fried banannas. But i still missed my steak and mashed taters and costco cake. But it was still a pretty good birthday. We ate the two month old muddie buddies in like a hot second haha and did laundry haha. I can't wait for my 22nd birthday haha. But I am officially not a teenager anymore!!
So we get to hear Donald L. Hallstrom from the presidency of the 70 at the end of february which is way exciting! I am excited! and we have zone conferences this week which should be way good to. I am always in need of some spiritually uplifting experiences. I got the miracle of forgiveness and am about halfway through it. It is such a good book about repentance and how to repent but it makes me feel terrible because I am so imperfect and I guess a terrible repenter. I have been praying harder and more fervently now more than ever. But the spirit has never been stronger in my life. In teaching i know what to say and when to say it. After lessons Elder Coleman and I talk about how we have the same questions in our minds at the same time and notice that we are very much in sync. I am always in a good mood and am not complaining. I am learning more than ever from the Book of Mormon and everything. It is different that the happiest times of the week is when people show up to church and say they had a good experience. It's weird but cool. The mission is so very hard and mentally draining every night and I will never get used to the philippines but oh well. It is worth it. God is on my side. I just have so far to go, sometimes it seems hopeless and it is tough to think that enduring is the whole life but just continue walking. I read something cool this week, sometimes we think that we have to do all we can and try to be perfect on our own and improve by ourselves and walk the straight and narrow path by ourselves then christ comes in and will take us to perfection, but little do we know not only will christ take us to perfection but he will help us walk along the way, we are never alone. We never have to walk by ourselves. He will always be there for us. This is one of the biggest lessons I have learned out here so far. He will never abandon us as long as we do not abandon him. I love teaching that. I feel as if I learn more when I teach than the people I am teaching, weird but good for me.
Elder Robertson
out to eat some pizza!!

a birthday party with tita boots

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