Sunday, February 24, 2013


This week elder coleman and I decided to go out tracting cause we have been struggling investigator wise. So we took an hour on tuesday to try to find some people. And second house we tried we got in, her name is Irene and she is really cool and had a lot of questions and is really looking for answers. So we are trying to slowly answer her questions during lessons by answering them with the content we are teaching. I realize that we don't have to answer some questions right away and a lot of answers will not make sense unless they actually pray about it cause the best way to get answers is from up high. I realize I am only 20 and trying to speak a different language and I bet most of my answers don't make sense but with planning, the spirit (obedience) and the investigator keeping their commitments they will get their answers. Also sometimes conversion takes a while, We can't expect everything to just fall into place with everyone. Every person has their own concerns and problems. Everyone has a different way to find the gate to the path and as missionaries it is our goal to guide them lovingly and patiently to the path. It could take years for conversion, it could take a couple weeks. I hate dropping investigators because I feel responsible for them. Unless we have done everything we can, they have no questions and really no excuses to keep commitments then I drop them reluctantly. But if they have questions, progress is being made! I just try to keep a humble attitude and patience, getting impatient will not get anyone anywhere. I am reading the new testament and really paying attention to christ's teaching style. He never snaps back, never loses his temper, understandingly answers questions and what not. If I could be like one thousandth of a teacher that christ is would be cool. Lots of prayer is my way of trying.
Elder Robertson
Elder Robertson drinking coconut milk

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