Sunday, March 17, 2013


We had a couple of good lessons with a couple investigators. Sister Irene and Sister Melody. They are progressing pretty good and reading the Book of Mormon but haven't come to church yet so that is a big goal of ours. We will contact a couple of more people this week that we got referrals from so hopefully that turns out good. Other than that it really just is day to day. This is an extra long cycle so we still have about two and a half weeks of this cycle left. Elder Coleman and I are working hard and getting along great. We have fun and are teaching really good lessons. March is a month where really not much is happening. Hopefully we can get some investigators close to baptism but i feel that it is not my job here in aritao. I feel like just planting seeds right now and then someone else will come in and harvest all of them. oh well, keep working hard. Might as well right? Well thats about it except I am learning how to make adobo so I will be able to cook that for you guys when I get home to show you what I have eaten for the past year and the whole next year haha.
elder Robertson

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