Sunday, March 24, 2013


This week was pretty good, I had a cold for most of the week an it sucked but we had an investigator at church! Her name is melody vicente and she is married to a less active guy. They finally came to church after two months of Elder Coleman and myself teaching them! It was super cool! Teaching investigators really is the best part of the mission. We are working hard to find more people to teaching and are really gonna hit this one area this week to see if we can get some more investigators. Transfer week is getting close and we have 24 new missionaries coming in, . I enjoy working with Elder Coleman and have really learned a lot from him. The area here in aritao is progressing, slowly, but surely. We are working hard and just trying to talk to people which I actually kind of enjoy now that I can speak the language haha. Less actives are tough cause can take months to build their faith but that is the focus cause attendance is only 32% here. So plenty of work to do. I enjoy working, yes it is hot and sometimes it is really frustrating but getting in good lessons really does make it worthwhile and I feel accomplished. I hope this attitude can apply to after the mission as well, in school, in work, in church callings, in family stuff. it really just does feel good to think at the end of the day that I accomplished something.
Something cool that happened this week. So president was going to Baguio to do a training thing with the senior couples. And our apartment is right on the highway about halfway. So president shows up at our apartment at 10 am but elder coleman and I were already walking to an appointment so they called us back. turns out they brought us krispy kremes! all the way from manila!! Apparently the area presidency brought them a whole lot of them and they in turn gave some to us! they were super delicious! and even better when president was coming back to the mission on saturday he brought us kentucky fried chicken!! Also very delicious and super cool. My mission president is the coolest and the nicest and really has cool things to show you that he loves his missionaries. It will be a sad day when he leaves. But I am excited for the changes to take place. Well thats about all I have for this week.
Mahal ko kayo!
Elder Robertson

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