Sunday, March 3, 2013


We had 24 lessons   I have learned a lot about the gospel and the apostasy and last days and what not from 2 Nephi. The last days are here, Christ is coming soon. My job right now is to cry repentance to the people and help them recognize their Savior. It hurts that they reject him so easily. Less actives most of the time know that the church is true they just won't go or won't have the seed of faith they need. It hurts every week when no one shows up to go to church and take the sacrament. Alma's wish "oh that I were and angel...." is so true, if everyone would just listen and take off the blinders and recognize their god who made the infinte sacrifice that we need to return to Our Heavenly Father. It is frustrating but it is also a blessing that we have the gospel in our lives. I can see the change that the gospel makes in peoples lives when they start living gospel principles but they seem to not notice it and refuse to come to the fold. We are so blessed to have been in the church for as long as we have and to have experienced the fullness of the gospel blessings all the way up to a forever family. Yes it is frustrating and disappointing but it is an awesome thing to be doing. It is totally worth it cause my own conversion is deepening and I am truly grateful for that cause deep roots make it harder to fall away. Satan is tightening his grasp but he won't get us as long as we read the BoM everyday, pray everyday, and go to church. That was pretty much my week.
This week we get to go up to Cauayan and listen to Elder Hallstrom of the presidency of the 70 so that should be really good, i will tell you about what he talks about next week. Also I heard about the new 58 missions opeing up. That is crazy! The MTC will be insanely crowded this summer. But it is cool to be out while all this is happening. Next transfer we get 24 new missionaries and there are 7 new areas opening so that will be fun. Also our new mission president was announced today. his name is George R. Rahlf and he is from Ohio. Should be interesting in July with the change.
Mahal Ko Kayo,

Elder Robertson

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