Sunday, April 14, 2013


This week was ok, it is hard training because the kid I am training is disappointed with the area and that there were not any progressing investigators and therefore no baptisms soon so that has been tough to deal with that but I am working with him to change his attitude, we went out a lot and we talked to a lot of people and did what are called OYM's (open your mouth) where you talk to someone and give them a pamphlet and tell them about the church and set a day to go back and teach. We did a lot of those but no was interested when we went back so we will have to try again this week. Except we will be busy. We are going to Cauayan this week for a trainers meeting and then conference all weekend so we may not get as much work done as this week but hopefully we will be able to find a few people interested. It has been really a test of patience and love training. I hate teaching all the rules and ways to teach and things to remember in lessons and all that stuff but i guess it is good for me to teach new missionaries. And I am much better than before.
  I'll just add something that I learned from my studies this week. So in John 14:27 Christ is talking to his apostles about the peace that he will leave "not as the world giveth, give I unto you" then again in chapter 16 verse 33 "I speak these things unto you that ye might have peace, in the world ye shall have tribulation. But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." What an amazing promise from our savior! To me he is saying that although life will be hard and sometimes you might want to quit. It's all good cause he atoned for us. He took our sins and problems upon himself if we just repent and turn unto him. He overcame the world by experiencing all the pain the world had to offer and then was resurrected. He says be of good cheer cause if you follow me and try your best you can overcome the world to! maybe not now but someday you will, and I will help you do it. I am grateful for the love that he offers us and the message he gives us. I want to try harder to be a more hardworking missionary and a better person and be a more devoted disciple. He really is that intimate with us. Although he is savior of the whole world he has time for everyone of us and to comfort us and say "be of good cheer."

Well thats about all for this week, I will try to find you guys on conference haha. I am excited to listen to our prophet and the apostles this weekend! Other than that not much happening here except sweating and walking haha. Have a good week everybody!

Mahal Ko Kayo!

Elder Robertson
elder Robertson

elder robertson walking
elder Robertson playing volleyball on pday (hes the one with the red shirt)

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