Sunday, April 28, 2013


So this past week was ok, still been hard. We talked to a lot of people and they seemed interested but they would not let us back into their houses to share the message. It is frustrating. No one came to church and the branch is more concerened about the other two elders and could care less about what I do. People are so nice at first then they just won't let us back in. Oh well, I am doing what I can and will keep doing what I can. This week won't help much, tomorrow we have interviews with president which will take all day. Wednesday we have a wedding to go to for a branch member so that will take a while. Thursday we have a zone conference in Santiago, Friday we have a surprise visit from Elder Brent H. Nielson of the Area Presidency to our mission so we will go up to Cauayan on that day. Pretty busy this week, should be good. I am excited. So this week in my personal study I learned a cool lesson. I have been reading the New Testament and the epistles of Paul along with a study guide that I found at the church. The apostle Paul is a very interesting person. It seems that the church was struggling to remain upright. Apostasy was already taking place and the other apostles were being killed off. Paul wasn't about to give up. He was doing his job the best he could. He was preaching and exhorting but he was having a tough time at it with the people not being able to quite grasp the simplicity and beauty of the gospel. I realize that that is all the lord asks! I just need to to my best! The lord only asks for my best effort. He knows that people have free agency and that they are free to accept the gospel message or not but it is up to me to teach with power and authority. It is up to me to work my hardest and do my best for thirteen more months. I can do that. i'll just keep working and try to not get down on myself haha. That's about it nothing cool spiritual or crazy stories

Love yall!

Elder Robertson
elder Robertson and elder Dariagan(red shirt)

elder Robertson with what he calls really old people

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