Sunday, August 11, 2013


I have now been in the Philippines for a year. Crazy how fast time goes. It seems just like yesterday that I was just getting here and being trained. Now i can speak tagalog almost no problem and am used to this country. This upcoming week will be an interesting one. Our area is splitting and we are going to have a pair of sisters in the ward now. It will be interesting to see how well the ward can work with a set of elders and a set of sisters. Hopefully good so I can stay here for a while. We have 28 new missionaries and 19 of those will be sisters and President Rahlf said 8 new areas. Crazy. Hopefully the lord is preparing a lot more people to hear the message.
This week was good. We had a great lesson yesterday with sister bacay. We had a couple who was basically in this same situation last year. The wife was investigating the gospel and the husband was having problems following the commandments and a hard time changing. They both have a kid so they connected no problem. The couple we brought along shared their story and what helped them change and become closer to each other and what has helped them until now as they prepare to go to the temple. It was great because brother and sister bacay finally have someone to connect to. We also found out that sister bacay has been paying tithing even though she is not yet baptized and brother bacay was fasting yesterday to change even though we have not yet taught them tithing. I cannot wait to see brother bacay be worthy to baptize his wife. It should hopefully be soon! It will be for sure my favorite baptism to date.
Read a great talk this week by president monson, It was his october 2008 sunday morning session It is a great talk all about finding joy in the journey! Live day to day and like grandpa said before I left. Stop and smell the roses. Life is better that way haha. well that's about it for this week.
Elder Robertson

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