Sunday, August 25, 2013


We had to stay the night on saturday night at the hospital because there were two elders who had dengue. We had to stay the night because the philippines has a rule that if someone is in the hospital then there has to be someone with them at all times. So me and my comp spent the night with them in the hospital. It was terrible. There were no beds in the room so I sat on a little plastic stool all night watching tagalog tv. It was bad. Basically work wise we have been searching for new investigators. We have been going around to members and sharing the plan of salvation with them and then asking them if they know anybody who would benefit from the plan of salvation. A different approach to ask a referral and a much better way in my opinion. Not much success but we are following up this week with everyone. Hopefully they will have some names for us. Other than that sister Bacay is getting baptized this weekend and we are pushing the ward to take a bigger role in their fellowshipping. I feel like if the ward helps with them then they have the chance to retain them just fine. But who knows what will happen.
 Thats about it for this week! Hopefully more exciting things happen this week!
Mahal Ko Kayo!
Elder Robertson

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