Sunday, August 11, 2013


This week was good, we went to cauayan to departure fireside. My zone leader from my first area went home. He was quite the missionary. He said in his testimony that the thing he learned on his mission was that he is "nothing." He is just a speck in a giant universe but that he means everything to god. That reminds me of a quote by president uchtdorf "To god, man is nothing. But yet, we are everything to god." Quite the lesson. He was a good missionary. There were a whole bunch of new missionaries that came in and like 19 sisters. They didn't split our area because one sister didn't end up coming. So they will in September instead. I like this area. The stake has been chosen to represent the philippines on how missionary work is supposed to be done and Ward 2 is like the best ward in the stake haha. The members have been a big help. I read a quote this week by President Harold B. Lee "Missionary work is home teaching to non members and home teaching is missionary work to members." But they are miles ahead of my last two areas haha. Dinner appointments help a lot because I feel like they trust us more when they just talk to us. We have set a date with sister Bacay. August 24. Brother blessed the sacrament yesterday and said an awesome prayer in the lesson. He is really wanting to change and is really trying. We got him a home teaching companion and they are going to go friday night. Working hard.
So I read in my personal study this week I read in D&C 101:2-5. It talked about how the lord will try us even as Abraham was tried and if we don't endure and remain strong then we cannot be sanctified. Then I read from Joseph Smith that there will be a trial that will tear at our very heartstrings and almost rip us apart because it will be so hard to bear. All trials are hard but I think that this one will come to us at a time where we are completely converted and this one will make sure of our undying devotion here in mortatlity. Example: I cannot imagine the pain of abraham as he climbed the mountain to sacrifice his one and only son. Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail while the saints are suffering and being driven about. Mormon watching his entire civilization get destroyed. There are examples of those who failed the test. King David, Judas Iscariot, Sidney Rigdon a few examples. Though if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing then we can just put our head down and push through it. Missions are hard but it is just preparation for what is to excited for that haha. Well that's about it for this week. We'll chat next week. Haven't gotten any packages yet but we have interviews tomorrow with President Rahlf so hopefully they bring a few haha.
My clothes are holding up fine. I have enough shirts that I only wear one each day so they don't get to bad. Certainly aren't the cleanest things though haha. Well talk to yall next week!
Mahal Ko Kayo!
Elder Robertson

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