Sunday, August 11, 2013


Well we had a good week this week. We had a baptism. His name is Roberto and he is 18. We are now working with his semi less active cousin and his non member cousin. We also have one investigator comitted to baptism but have no idea when. Her name is Gina Bacay and she is really enthusiastic about the gospel. She has a testimony and even pays tithing! The problem is she won't get baptized until her less active husband comes back and can baptize her. We are working with them and she is a great example for him but he seems to have some bad habits that need to be broken before she will get baptized. We have a couple people in the ward who have had the same problem. One family just turned around their lives last year and now they are getting ready to go to the temple so we will take them over and have them tell their story and see if that helps. We have had a bunch of referrals and just started teaching them and we will have to see who turns out to be legit or not. The work has been good and continues to go well. We have the help from the members a lot. They seem to trust us pretty well, which is good. Dinner appointments really help a lot. I really enjoy this area and hope to stay here a while. Transfers are next week and no one knows what will happen because this is President Rahlf's first transfer meeting. So it should be interesting.
Interesting that a member of the temple presidency would say that a lot of people when meeting missionaries are meeting the most christlike person in their lives. I have made it a goal to smile more. People seem to be more inviting and interested when I smile. I am sure when Christ was walking around Jerusalem he was smiling all the time. Sometimes a smile is all people need to have a good day and since smiling is service then smiling is to be christlike. That and the world is just a better place in my opinion when I smile more. So we should try to smile more. Trials aren't so hard when we smile. Who can be sad when they have a smile on their face? Thats about it for this week.
elder robertson
he tried to buy this but they would'nt let him

his baptism

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