Sunday, September 1, 2013


So this week Sister Baccay was baptized. Her husband baptized her and now we are trying to get the ward to give them callings and getting things going so they remain active and so they can start preparing to go to the temple in a year. We also baptized a kid of a less active to. It was a good baptism. We had a recent convert speak and she was pretty much in the same situation as sister baccay was with a less active husband and what not, she gave a great talk and now she is her visiting teacher. Hope she visits her. Other than that we have been busy looking for new investigators. A lot of the families here in the philippines are part members with only one or two active members. We have been trying to get to teaching families like that. We have had some success. We are teaching a couple members of the bishops family and a member of the stake presidents family. We are going to contact some more referrals this week so hopefully we will have some more investigators this week. But everything is going good in mission life right now. Working hard and will keep working hard. I am working on better self discipline right now. Just being more disciplined all the way around. Obedience wise, attitude wise, spending wise, eating wise. I figured I can be better disciplined in my life so I have been really working on that. Well that's about it for this week. I'll talk to you guys next week.
Elder Robertson
the people being baptized and companion

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