Sunday, September 29, 2013


I look forward to listening to President Rahlf and learning from him. So this week was good, I went on splits with my district leader. Luckily I was in my area cause his area is out in space basically. We went to his area to get my companion and on wednesday morning we left at 11 and me and my comp did not get back until 4! We had to wait for a bus for half an hour and then ride like an hour then walk for ten minutes and then wait for a boat to take us across the river for 30 minutes and then a 10 minute boat ride because the bridge to their area is flooded. And then a 20 minute tricy ride. and then all that again to get back plus more waiting. It was a nightmare and I am glad my area is in the middle of the city basically. We had a baptism this week too. She is the housemaid of the stake president. I hope she stays active even when she is done with her work at their house. But now we are shifting our focus to the nephew of the bishop here and a part member family. Maybe we will have two more baptisms this cycle. Other than that we teach recent converts and go tracting. Fun stuff.
So this week I read an awesome talk by Elder Holland. It was his October 1995 conference talk called "This Do in Remembrance of Me" I recommend reading it for FHE or something. I highly enjoyed it and learned a lot. I don't know where to start in what I like about this talk but maybe a few things. The Israelites were commanded that every year they have a feast called the passover in remembrance of the lord delivering them from captivity. This was a highly symbolic feast and was held in the highest of regards and included many intricately prepared dishes.The Israelites would prepare for months in preparation of this feast and would literally clean themselves and prepare themselves physically and spiritually for this feast. But then Christ came and gave us the higher law. He made the passover simpler but more frequent. With only bread and water and this to remind us that he delivered us from captivity and we are free. Elder Holland quotes Bruce R. McConkie in saying that the sacrament is the "most sacred and most holy than all the meetings in the church." He then asks on how sacred and how holy it is to us? Do we see it as our passover and deliverance from captivity and bondage? Then I thought, if someone saved my life how do I thank them? No price can thank them for what they did for me and I suppose just remembering them always and respecting and giving thanks to them is the best way (the jetskiing incident is a great example, I still remember those kind people and the help they gave us.) The sacrament is just that. It is a chance to set our thoughts wholly upon Jesus Christ and his life and Atonement. Elder Holland gives a few suggestions on what we can do to remember him on the Sabbath. It is one of those talks that is so full of great material I want to read it over and over. I want to try to make the sacrament more meaningful in my life and I want to work harder on remembering him always cause as the scripture says in D&C 128:22 "the prisoners shall go free" and we are all prisoners freed because Christ went on a one man rescue mission to save us. So I suggest reading it for FHE or something. Really a great talk! Well thats about it for this week! Thank You for everything!
Mahal Ko Kayo!
Elder Robertson
the river

elder robertson getting a piggyback ride to shore

he says he is "guapo"

the baptism

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