Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 56

NOTE:  Sister Rahlf (mission president's wife) said to send Christmas packages for missionaries by the end of October.

Hello Family!
How is everyone this week! How is good ol Tri-Cities doing? Still hot here.  Not much happened this week. We tracted a lot. The teaching pool is taking a hit now since the area split. I don't know what else to do other than tract and share with members and ask referrals. There aren't many members in my area though so that plan is almost done with. We should have a couple baptisms in November though. One is the nephew of the bishop here. He is living with them while at school and knows he should get baptized just doesn't quite want to commit yet. The other is a 13 year old kid of a less active who is returning. We are trying to get that whole family to come back and the wife of her other kid to start listening too. Other than that not much else is happening. There is a new rule here that foreigners have to get finger printed every three months so we have to go to Ilagan on wednesday to do that. Transfers are a few weeks away and I get to watch conference this weekend. thats about it! My personal study has been reading a chapter of the book of mormon and then the New Testament along with Jesus the Christ. James E. Talmage really does go into depth about the life of Christ. In my reading i've noticed that although Christ did all those miracles the people still would not accept him because after hundreds of years of the same things in the law of moses they were scared to change because change is hard and more was expected of them. How it is in our lives. Sometimes we are scared of change even if the change is for the best. Christ offers us change. the change of putting off the natural man and becoming a saint. People are scared of that. I've learned that submitting myself to his will and changing little by little day by day can really add up. A new mormon message I watched by Elder Christoffersen that talks about daily bread is great. It is a three part series and is really applicable. Line upon line day by day we can put off the natural man and become a saint. Its the exact same thing as working at sports. Practicing everyday to us may seem pointless cause we don't get much better but little by little day by day we do get better. Then after a while we see just how far we have come. Can't wait to apply this lesson when I get home. Christ will help us every day if we allow him to by doing the little things we should every day (reading the scriptures and praying.) I have learned so many lessons on my mission and am still learning. I got the muddy buddy package this week. I love those things haha. That's about it for this week!
Mahal Ko Kayo!
Elder Robertson

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