Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 58

October 20, 2013

TO GRANDPA: Well gramps, I did it. I hope you are happy cause you won. I ate balut. And let me tell you, it was nasty!! It was like eating a hard boiled egg that was crunchy and hairy. The taste was like salt but the texture killed me. It was the worst thing ever. My comp ate it and threw up all night but I held it down so there was a little bird in me for a while. There were 9 of us at a dinner appointment.....9! and most of us hadn't tried it yet so they bought a whole bunch and so we all ate it. I took video but I can't get it to fit on the email so you'll have to watch the video when I get home. So there, I am andrew Zimmerman now haha. I also had cow tongue this week too. That was really chewy meat, tasted good just took forever to chew. So I hope you are happy haha.
Hello Family!
How is every one this week?  And speaking of pumpkins, I eat squash now like its nothing haha. I'm on a roll. Kelci emailed me today and asked me why I don't have more to email cause she has so much to say. I guess I just take a lot of the little miracles for granted. I can't say how many times I have had a random thought pop into my head. Whether it is something to say in a lesson or a push to talk to this person. Just little things like that happen everyday but only if I am in tune to listen and willing to act. I watched a DVD by Elder Holland from his new book (I borrowed it from an elder) and he said about spiritual promptings that if we listen to promptings then we will get more and the reverse for if we don't listen. So I am praying to have more promptings and asking for help from him to help me recognize them when they come and I am trying to follow them and be more willing them to follow them. It's hard though. But Holland also said that salvation is not an easy experience. We all have to struggle and our struggles will go through a little of Gethsemane and go up to Calvary but he was very adamant about the fact that when we suffer we always need to remember that god loves us and is there for us. The scriptures are there to help us because every story in there is about suffering. So taking that view of the scriptures can help with problems too! I also learned when he was talking about families and wayward children that when the parents keep their covenants that the blessings of staying true to those covenants can pass to the children. He talked about vicarious blessings and all that good stuff and so parents keeping temple covenants can bless the children. That is true and it was reinforcing to read about mom's experience at the temple. We have been really blessed to now have two missionaries and a tight family. I hear all about less active siblings and others going off the deep end and realize we are blessed to not have that. I guess bball and golf help too. Gives us a hobby and something to do rather than get into trouble. The area is good, we went tracting this week a lot and were able to teach a couple people. Hopefully they turn out to be some good investigators. Transfers are this week but I am staying here with Elder Sogari so I will get to have thanksgiving here! Fun stuff. Well thats about it for this week! Have a good week everyone!  Mahal Ko Kayo!
Elder Robertson

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