Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 73

Hello Family!
So this week things started to look up! We had a zone conference on wednesday and it was way good. President talked about the hastening of missionary work and what it means for us....basically the members should work harder. But he also talked about joseph in egypt and lessons we can learn from him. Of course we all know the story of joseph but how hard would it be if we were in his shoes?? getting sold as a slave by his brothers. getting thrown in jail for something he didn't do and staying there for like 7 years. But he lifted where he stood in the words of President Uchtdorf. He became chief of potiphars slaves. he became the best prisoner. and then he was rewarded. he became number two in all of egypt. I wondered if the prediction by his dream way early in his life that he would be a ruler over his brethren, I wonder if he ever got discouraged and thought that it would never come true. He is a very good example of perseverance. He had the faith to keep going and even when it was hard he stood as a pillar of righteousness. A good zone conference. 
So this week people finally started finishing planting their rice. so we got to teach some good lessons and get in touch with our investigators again. Now we just need to get them to church so we can get them towards baptism. It may be a while but we can get them going. Thats about it though. just life in the mission haha.
We have interviews with president so I will tell you how that goes and how the work is. Thanks for the support and all the letters!
Love yall! 
Elder Robertson

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