Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 75

Feb 16 at 8:30 PM
Hello Family!
So this week not much happened. We must of got lucky last week cause we worked just as hard this week and had about half as much work to show for it. There was the lowest amount of people at church in my entire life yesterday, there were 25 people.
I am gonna try to finish the book of mormon before I finish my mission. I will start over this week and finish it in three months which shouldn't be too bad. I've read the book of mormon like 7 times now while I have been out here and I have no doubt that it is true. The church is definitely true and what not. Its just people really annoy me sometimes. That is the hard part about the mission. adjusting to the culture and obedience just takes a little self discipline. But people have their free agency and that is out of my control which annoys me and frustrates me to no end. But I have to deal with it. And not complain. 
Have a good week everyone! Love yall!
Elder Robertson

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