Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 74

Hello Family!
That snow looks so fun! I remember when church was canceled one time then we shoveled The Hills and hooky bobbed on bro Henry's cop car. It was awesome.
So this week was good. We were able to teach a lot more less actives because they are done planting rice and we had 6 or 7 come to church! Our investigator family unfortunately wasn't available so we weren't able to teach them. But we found a whole bunch of new less actives and were able to teach them so that was good.
Interviews with president were good. He talked about staying motivated and enduring to the end. He mentioned three kinds of motivation; 1. Fear 2. Reward 3. Love and told me to just keep being motivated for the right reasons especially now. It was a good interview and will help me stay on the right track for the rest of my mission. He is a good president. Having two mission presidents is interesting because their styles are just totally different. President Carlos was a great president and he really liked to get to know the elders maybe cause the mission was 150 missionaries smaller. President Rahlf is a great president and has made the mission more........streamlined? President Carlos liked missionaries in the mission to get to know each other so he would have departure firesides (for the going home missionaries) and transfer days where all the missionaries would go to Cauayan for the day. President Rahlf has cut all that out and tried to keep everyone focused on the work. It's been different but I like both presidents and they both have taught me so much.
Well that's about it for this week. Happy Valentines day by the way haha. those brownies/cupcakes that someone made with the peanut butter heart in the middle are amazing! I can only eat one cause it is such a sugar rush haha can't wait to fix that. Thanks for all your support! have a great week and build a snow fort for old times sakes haha.
Elder Robertson
P.S. my camera broke. so until I can get it fixed (3 zones away) i won't be able to send any pictures

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